Thursday, September 8, 2011

Сoncept of gadget Hi-Tech Computer

How we love to dream, to invent the concept of the new devices. We would like to see the new computers were very small and were fully function. This is a concept of gadget, which make connecting with isq server and projecting the image on some plane surface. This concept is a clever one, which incorporates a transformative element and a remarkably innovative interface. When the cylindrical device is not in use it can be slid shut into a more compact position, freeing up space on your tabletop. The Communicate Gadget will make sure you maintain a tidy office because it requires a clear flat surface to function. A full simulated keyboard and display screen, all the while receiving feedback on the commands the user inputs.

Сoncept of gadget-Hi-Tech Computer

Designer Marat Kudryavtsev, concept of gadget, hi tech computer

Designer Marat Kudryavtsev

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Concept W PLUS anti dehydration

Concept W + PLUS anti-dehydration

To maintain good health, it is important that the water balance in the normal volume. W + PLUS is a smart reminder system that can warn people before vody Produkt deficit is for those who are very healthy lifestyle and to pay attention to health care. W+ PLUS consists of two modules: "The Ring" – works as a portable unit. He can look on the water balance in real time. "Cube" – the charger for the ring. It reminds the user after a specified period of time to drink water.
Concept W + PLUS anti-dehydration, concept anti dehydration
Users can input their information in the Cube and set the timer according to their health status (pregnant women, adults, seniors and children have different hydration needs) and the system will automatically send reminders to the Ring after 1.5-3 hours to let the wearer know that they need to get a sip in. In case the user doesn’t drink the water or drinks less than required, the ring can also flash a message about the lowering hydration level and alert the user about it.
 Concept W + PLUS anti-dehydration
 Concept W + PLUS anti-dehydration

Friday, August 26, 2011

Concept Sketches Future Mobile Device

Concept Sketches Future Mobile Device

Concept Sketches Future Mobile Device URSLA is a future pendant that emits 3D projections in the air. BERTHA is a future mobile phone that works with URSLA. 3D projections from the pendant can be ‘captured’ in the air with this phone to see what the notification is about in detail on the screen. The device shows notifications regarding emails, phone calls, schedule and much more, that will appear in the air for a few seconds. As far as BERTHA goes, the futuristic handset works with the 3D pendant and looks like a pretty hot transparent device. This looks like an iPhone from the future, to be honest and a very cool one for that matter, that looks like it’s made from some crystal or sort of glass.
Concept Sketches Future Mobile Device, latest technology, mobile device

Concept Sketches Future Mobile Device

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Concept A multifunctional gadget

Concept A multifunctional gadget

The ingenious multifunctional gadget is a conceptual cell phone and tablet computer clubbed in one. The attention-grabbing concept has two elements: dynamic and microphone. So, either design a mini cell phone sized 22mm X 44mm X 6mm or a tablet with a maximum size of 1.5m X 2m. The tablet is capable of responding to wireless communications like Wi-Fi. Mobikom’s key elements have programmed buttons while others have been devoid of them. Each element has its own power supply and computing processor. A user can feed individual parts with a SIM card and store all necessary details in the phone

concept a multifunctional gadget, gadget concept
 There are apertures on the lateral surfaces in the middle of the fixing tapes, which can be used to craft new forms. Wow! A special adapter is required, which will fuel the touch screen with necessary kinetic and thermal energy for successful operation. The productivity and working of Mobikom increases when more elements are connected to the device. So, enjoy the benefits of a mini cell phone and a full sized tablet with Mobikom.
Designer Kamil Izrailov